Renovapool - Mantenimiento de Piscinas

As i mentioned before, we are not doing many installations of proper solar panels, if only the swimming pool is heated with.
The reason is the higher cost, then these panels are 2-3 times more expensive than the absorbers, but also one needs a heat exchanger (mostly from titanium, salt water pool are getting more and more popular), expansion tank, a system to get rid of the temperature in summer and so on.
But once in a while our customers are demanding it, mainly because of lack of space – panels do need only the half of absorber space – or also for esthetic reasons.
In combination with a good pool cover, temperature rises between 5 – 8 degrees are easily to achieve. We never used vacuum panels, they are indeed more effective than anything, but pricewise getting so expensive, we do not believe to have a market for this.
In connection with hot water supply( 9 months free hot water, 3 months about 70% coverage) or as a boost for the central heating system (between 50-90% saving on your gas or oil bill, depending on the quality of construction, are possible), the investment is obviously getting more interesting!
We are using well-known brands such as Junkers, Buderus, Ferroli or AySol, an estimate can only be given after a visit at your house – of course without compromise!
Prices for gas and oil are not to stop, more independency from the producer countries in the Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe would do us good. Solar energy is still expensive to purchase, but the expenses later on are very little – do not forget
The sun does not send you a bill!