Renovapool - Mantenimiento de Piscinas

We are a company located in the Marina Alta area from Denia to Calpe through the interior of the region, with our shop located in Av. del País Valencià, 1, Benissa.  We are dedicated to solving problems related to swimming pools, from maintenance to renovation. We also work on the installation of solar heating, in all cases we offer low-cost services and also solutions for the more luxurious.

Pool maintenance service.

Comprehensive pool maintenance services. We are technicians specialised in cleaning, treatments and renovations. We have been carrying out maintenance and problem solving for private and community pools since 2002. Click here if you want to know more.

Pool heating

Heating your pool is synonymous with extending the swimming season and improving comfort by simply increasing the water temperature in your pool by a few degrees. There are technologies for all types of pools. When choosing the most suitable heating system, factors such as the type of pool, the ambient temperature and the level of humidity must be taken into account. Click here if you want to know more

Pool renovation

Are you tired of your pool looking like it just wants to give you problems? Perhaps the solution is to consult us, as we are experts with extensive experience. From a tile grouting, to a renovation with pvc reinforced sheet, or the reform of the crown, we can help you with all your pool needs.. Click her if you want to know more.

PVC Liner renovation

At RenovaPool we offer the best option to guarantee watertightness in swimming pools, our liner liners are perfect to put an end to water leaks, they have great flexibility and maximum resistance. We are certified RENOLIT ALKORPLAN technicians and we have more than 15 years of experience. Click here if you want to know more