Renovapool - Mantenimiento de Piscinas

  Cleaning, Repairs and Preventions for your swimming pool.

Comprehensive pool maintenance services. We are technicians specialised in cleaning, treatments and renovations. We have been carrying out maintenance and solving problems in private and community swimming pools since 2002.

In our maintenance and services we have extensive experience: we use the best techniques and products to ensure the perfect state of water quality and facilities. Leave the care of your pool in our hands!

Contact us: It’s free!

646 581 740 / 645 746 390

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Guarantee and commitment to the good condition of your pool

Experience, since 2002 maintaining swimming pools.

Water quality analysis at each visit.

Maintenance of private swimming pools.

Maintenance of community swimming pools.

Pool maintenance services:

✓ What is included?

  • One cleaning per week, two in summer.
  • All chemical products.
  • Water analysis and treatment.

✓How do we work?

  • Contact.
  • Visit and control of the installations.
  • Obtaining data for invoicing.
  • Frequently asked questions.

✓ Service prices.

  • Monthly payments from €70.
  • For communities we prepare estimates.
  • Green water treatments from 50€.

What does each visit include?

  1. Clean the bottom with a sweeper hoover.
  2. Cleaning with leaf catcher.
  3. Cleaning and brushing of walls and waterline.
  4. Cleaning of filters and skimmers.
  5. Chemical analysis of the water.
  6. Water treatment, with the right chemical in the right quantity.
  7. Water level control.
  8. Adjust filtering system schedules according to the season.
  9. We take care of prevention: We will advise you of the needs that your pool may have.
  10. We will inform you of any abnormality that we see in the pool or in your home if you are absent.