Renovapool - Mantenimiento de Piscinas

In many cases, a proper cleaning with steam jets, a disinfection with anti algae agents and a subsequent repointing is sufficient.

Many customers take the opportunity (after all, they don’t want to empty the bathroom every year!) to make small modifications.

Mainly one fills up the deep end (20-30 years ago one meant probably 2.5 – 3.5 meters depth would have to be built, because everyone was a potential high jumper….)

Or you straighten the edges to make cleaning easier.

Especially for older people it makes sense to install a brick staircase. Well done, usually equipped with a stainless steel boarding aid, this gives an additional feeling of safety, and of course a nice plus in comfort!

This staircase can also be quite well equipped with built-in massage jets, a very pleasant Accesoire.

Sometimes customers grab the sharks by the hair and change the pool border. There are many materials to choose from, from the traditional sandstone variant to terracota, natural stones, tropical wood, etc.

If the loss of water is not too great, and if the fractures in the construction are not really large, a total renovation can also be carried out when special sealing materials are applied.

In case of bigger damages the PVC liner is preferable.

Who of you doesn’t know someone from the neighbourhood who tries every year to control leaks with a little filler, resin, glue, etc.!

Usually with only short success, a partial repair only rarely helps with too deep cracks!