Renovapool - Mantenimiento de Piscinas

Heat pumps are the most ecological and economical heating solution for your pool, the cost of using this system makes it one of the most competitive. Heat pumps can be easily installed in swimming pools under construction or in existing pools, with a simple electrical and hydraulic connection. There are a number of advantages that make this heating system a favourite with pool owners looking to extend the use of their pool at the beginning and end of the season to get the most out of their pool.


There are two basic indicators for calculating the performance of your heat pump: the power and the coefficient of performance (COP). These indicators help us to compare different heat pumps with each other. The calculations must be made at the same temperature (air and water) and under the same humidity conditions.

The power, expressed in kW, tells us the amount of heat that is transmitted to the pool water. The coefficient of performance (COP) is calculated on the same basis, it is the ratio between the heat power provided by the heat pump to your pool and the electrical power consumed.

Therefore, the higher the coefficient of performance, the greater the heating power of the equipment, the better the performance and the more economical it is. A good heat pump has a coefficient of performance of at least 3-4, calculated in standard conditions (air at 15°C / water at 26°C/ humidity of 70%).

For example, a coefficient of performance of 5 means that for every 1 kWh of electricity consumed, the heat pump provides 5 times more energy to the pool water, or 5 kWh.