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We are certified technicians for RENOLIT ALKORPLAN

At RenovaPool we offer the best option to guarantee watertightness in swimming pools. Our liner liners for swimming pools are perfect for putting an end to water leaks, they are highly flexible and highly resistant.

The reinforced pvc sheet adapts to any type of surface, maximum reliability, is installed by thermo fusion (hot air), ensures the joints between liner joints, forming a single piece, capable of absorbing all structural movements, leaving the cracks behind the pvc liner.

Its installation is quick, clean and easy to access, the pool renovation work is completed in just 3 days, and does not require any minor construction projects for its installation.

There are different swimming pool construction systems, swimming pools made of shotcrete and tiled with gresite, fibreglass pools or prefabricated pools lined with liner bags.

The most common system are the pools of work, they suffer problems of land movement, causing micro cracks in the structure and generating large losses of water in the pool, bringing many problems to repair the pool, but without optimal results and investing a large amount of money by the owner.

Thanks to our PVC sheet liners, any water leakage problem in the pool can be eradicated, leaving the cracks behind the liner lining and achieving a definitive solution.

10-year watertightness guarantee

Experience, since 2006 renovating swimming pools.

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The reinforced sheet is a type of liner for swimming pools that consists of a PVC membrane and is installed by thermo fusion, with hot air, to seal its joints and to adhere completely to the pool shell of any pool, regardless of its shape, size, structure or surface. It is a very effective system, as it does not allow water to filter through and provides a compact and resistant barrier capable of withstanding all types of weather or anomalies that may occur in the pool. It can be installed or repaired without the need for building work and is one of the most effective ways of protecting a swimming pool. It is a completely insulating type of liner, which provides maximum watertightness and waterproofing to the pool and is capable of combating the most common problems or repairs in any pool, dealing with breaks, cracks or water leaks for 10 years.


Swimming pool liners can be installed in all types of pools, in fact, it is more than recommended, as it is a very durable type of liner that facilitates maintenance and cleaning tasks and has great advantages for any pool, such as combating deterioration, discolouration, the proliferation of micro-organisms, etc. Swimming pool liners and reinforced swimming pool liners are two similar types of liner, but they are not exactly the same. Pool liners are usually used for new or above-ground pools of standard sizes, while reinforced sheeting is used for pool renovation or new construction. Both options are of high quality and provide good protection for the pool, offering many types of finishes and designs, to create resistant, durable and completely personalised liners for each client, as well as providing the best safety and protection during their ten-year guarantee.

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