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Your pool looses water?

For how long time, and how much water has been wasted? Can you imagine the amount of chemicals lost this way, and how much temperature did you loose as well?

If you do not mind about all this, then do not continue to read further – but if you feel that something has to be done about this, then you are making the first step to find out about the best and all together most economic way of solving the problem!

The solution is used since many years, also in the construction of new pools. Mostly popular in countries like Australia, the USA and France, more pools are built with Liner then with tiles!

But in Spain technologies are still a bit more conservative, and this is why most pools are gunited.

I agree, it looks good, but it does bring several problems alongside. Washed out, colored grouting (mainly due to usage of copper sulfate and strong acids), black algies hiding in between and feeling cosy, and last but not least leakage!!

This is a very current problem on the Costa Blanca, no wonder if you see in our days for how little money pools are offered….Good bargains…

Well, to resolve this nasty problem, the only long-lasting solution is to install a quality PVC Pool Liner. Installed with hot air welding techniques directly tailor-made in every pool. This guarantees an individual touch, which can be added up with several modernisations, such as Contra Current Stream Systems, Waterfalls and Cascades, or healthy Spa Corners and Seats!

Common modifications include a built in Roman Step, a reshaping of the floor (many old pools are far too deep in one end, gives no sense, only more usage of products and less temperature to heat up)

The jets, bottom drains and sometimes the Skimmer have to be changed, in order to guarantee a perfect fitting

Sure, PVC Liner has also got a disadvantage – but the only one we realized after 12 years of installing: the material will loose colour – from about 7 years onward – that is why we use the best product on the market, the PVC Liner from ALKORPLAN 3000, developed in Germany.

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