Renovapool - Mantenimiento de Piscinas
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Did you know before you had one, how much work and huzzles such a swimming pool can make? Did you know how much money you have to spent on, to keep it clean, healthy and well running?

Did you know about Alkalinity, PH and Desinfection? Have you always got time and ambition to clean and worry about the water quality?

Or have you got a multi talented gardener- builder-man with van whatever, and do not trust too much in his qualitys?

If you feel better about to work with experts, since 13 years maintaining pools all over the Costa Blanca

Our office is in Benissa, we do pool maintenance on the Costa Blanca from Denia to Calpe

What does our pool maintenance inlcude?

  1. Clean bottom with sweeper.
  2. Water surface cleaning.
  3. Clean and Brush walls
  4. Cleaning skimers and filters.
  5. Analysis as chlorine, ph. and alcalintity
  6. Adequate chemical treatment.
  7. Check the water level.
  8. Adjust schedules according to season.
  9. We handle any repairs.
  10. We inform you of any abnormality we see both in the pool and in your home

We are not only cleaning pools, most of our clients have got Salt Water pools, Ozon or Oxygen Desinfection and Ultraviolet Lamps built in.

We know how to change the sand in your filter, get machinery replaced and accesorios upgrated.

Our prices are not cheap, but fair, with products included or separate, below a guideline on prices.

8×4 with chlorin, 65.– Euros per month, weekly visit

8×4 with salt water 60.– Euros a month, weekly visit

10×5 with chlorin 80.– per month, weekly visit

10×5 salt water 80.– Euros per month, weekly visit

any bigger size from 100.– Euros onwards, possibility for second weekly visit in summer

We also offer part time maintainance, should you cover your pool in winter, or wanting to do some effort during your stay here in Spain, talk to us about prices.

We do pass by for a non obligation cuotation anytime you want us too.

Below a few pictures of our maintained pools, we have from small rectangular once, to all shape and sizes – EXCEPT COMMUNITY POOLS



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