Renovapool - Mantenimiento de Piscinas
Special offer Salt Chlorinator all included for 950.– EUROS
Why install a salt chlorinator in your pool? Inspired by nature, salt electrolysis systems generate chlorine from table salt dissolved in the water. The salt needed for it to work only has to be added once to the pool at a concentration of 4-6 g/l, which is six times... Read more
Swimming Pool maintenance in Moraira
There are lots of good moments in our daily routine, but when you have such a fantastic view like here, what more? The pool is up on Sabater, overlooking the whole bay from Moraira until Calpe! In order to increase the temperature in the pool water, we installed a... Read more
Pool maintenance in Calpe
  since 10 years we maintain and clean this very beautiful swimming pool in the Urbanizacion of Empedrola in Calpe with big dimensions, 12×6 meters, several bays, a jetstream system and a casacade, as well as a hot tub installed in the terrace for top water quality the water... Read more
Change now your old filter sand and replace it with crushed glass!
And to get a really good result, we advise to replace the sand with glass! Crystal clear water, little residue after flocculation, and above all unlimited life! Never change again as long as your filter works! Read more